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Commercial Buildings Insurance Valuation

Buildings should always be insured for the amount it would cost to rebuild them. However, fewer than one in ten commercial properties in the UK are covered correctly.

If you are over-insured, you are probably paying too much for your buildings insurance.

If you are under-insured, you face a reduced pay-out in the event of a claim.

With the cost of construction and building rising, especially materials and labour, many commercial properties will be underinsured. 

Insurance claims can be reduced by hundreds of thousands of pounds due to under-insurance.

A Buildings Insurance Valuation or (Reinstatement Cost Assessment) is an assessment of how much it would cost to rebuild the property on the basis of total loss, including situations like a fire or building collapse, and enables you to insure it for the correct amount.

Getting someone to visit your property to carry out a professional assessment can be time-consuming and very expensive.

However, thanks to our partnership with we can offer you a reliable low-cost service from a ‘Regulated by RICS’ (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) organisation.

You’ll receive a comprehensive Rebuild Cost Assessment (RCA) report guiding you on how much you should insure your buildings for.

Do I Need One?

Most policies require you to provide a ‘Buildings Declared Value’ at inception of the policy or at renewal. This value is the re-building cost at the date of inception or renewal, with no provision for future inflation.

This is a fantastic and affordable service which can protect your organisation from the potentially severe consequences of underinsurance.