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Social, Environmental and Economic

PHP Social Responsibility

PHP Insurance always aim to work ethically, considering human rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business.

Social – Community, People, Responsible Trading

PHP Insurance strives to play an active role in our local community and do our upmost, however small, to make our community a better place for everyone. Where possible, for example insuring a community playground, we will offer our insurance broking services free of charge – meaning only the underwriting cover needs to be paid for, whereby our management and expertise will be provided for free.

On the people side of things, we strive to make sure all our people enjoy their work and have opportunities to amaze our customers through their friendly, approachable expertise.

Finally, we will always trade responsibility and will never put profit before customer needs. Our business model is based on long term relationships, not short term revenue. Our advice will always be genuine and heartfelt.


Insurance is not a physical product as such, it is a service led product, so environmental factors might not be considered too relevant for PHP Insurance directly. However, many of our clients have physical products, premises and as such have an environmental impact. Given PHP advise our clients on factors such as risk management and also have an in-house claims team (which might involve temporary premises after a major incident, for example), we do take our environmental obligations very seriously.


Our economic responsibility is the practice of our firm backing all of its financial decisions in its commitment to do good in the areas listed above. The end goal is not to simply maximise profits, but positively impact the environment, people, and society.

We also ensure our clients’ insurance policies cover every aspect of their economic risks – for example business interruption – for the security of their company future prosperity and employee’s job security.