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Information Gathering

Information Gathering

Gathering the information required for a robust commercial insurance policy – and for many businesses it is more than one policy – is an time consuming, ardious and in fact, a specialist skill. That’s why over 80% of the commercial insurance market goes through insurance brokers. The underwriters/insurers know that insurance brokers fully understand all the information required for a risk to be assessed and underwritten robustly, so that the insurer has full insight into exactly what they are insuring.

Insurance brokers work closely with clients and their senior management team on a daily basis, so they intuitively know what information insurers will require to understand all factors involved and to price the risk(s) accordingly. This specialist skill shouldn’t be taken lightly, it should also save your business time and money whilst ensuring you have peace of mind that the correct levels of cover is in place.

Relationship and knowledge

PHP Insurance have long standing and strong relationships with all of our clients. The reason for that is very simple. We help them with what is a unglamorous (some might say boring) but hugely important task of insuring their business, their people, their products and indeed their future livelihood against the unexpected.

Depending on the business sector, type and size, this can be a challenging task so the relationship and knowledge a broker has which each and every client is really important and helps ensure no stone is left unturned with your commercial insurance.

PHP Insurance specialise in working with businesses that have more complex insurance requirements and really adding value with our in-house knowledge and expertise so we are jointly presenting the very best information to the insurer, at the same time selecting the insurer who will understand the risk better (i.e. specialise in that market sector) and potentially save money on the premium without compromising the cover.

Advisory Team

A business should need an insurance broker to advise them on insurance every bit as much as they need an accountant to advise them on their accounts or a solicitor to advise on the law. PHP Insurance provides you a highly cost-effective solution and like for many of our clients, we would be pleased to become part of your business advisory team.